I plan to move my server. What should I do?

1. Shutdown the server properly.  


2. Once powered off, remove the drives from the front of the server.  Be sure to label the drives in the order they are in if they do not have.

3. Place drives in a safe method of transport.  Use foam and antistatic bags if available. 

**These drives must be transported outside of the server safely as adding weight to the server may damage the server and the hard drive physical disks inside as there is little to no shock absorbent attributed in the server chassis during a move.

4. Document all cable connections on where they lead to.  You may need to take photos, label cables, and draw diagrams.

5. For racked servers, unrack the server and place into a foam/shock protectant case/box.  You will need assistance from another person to help support and guide the server out of the rack safely.  Smaller form factor servers are that are not rackmounted still suggest safe shock resistant methods of transport.

6. Once at new location and the server is secured in the newly installed housing, follow all previously documented items to best reconnect cabling and drives.

Having a keyboard, mouse, and monitor connected to the server will be able to help see if the server has any local activity when it boots up.

**Networking is vital as depending on how items were configured previously, your new network may be different from your previous.  You may need to reach out to a network engineer, your on staff IT engineer or a contracted MSP if your network needs to be configured.  ***ProMAX does not configure infrastructure networks.

***If your server does not come online and the network is verified correct and working, a ProCare support contract must be in place for further assistance.  If there is no active support contract, an installation service may be charged as this is considered a new install.