My Procache's Internal Storage is not appearing. What do I do?

Steps from Intel may be attempted below.  Note that if the volume is recreated, the data will be lost as the drive are being written over again.

  1. Turn off the Procache.
  2. Reseat the hard drives.
  3. Turn on the Procache. 
  4. Open Disk Management to check on the state of the drives.  If the drives are failed, you will need to use the serial number and check the status of the warranty.  

**If the steps are not able to be utilized and if the data is not backed up elsewhere, you will need to reach out to a data recovery service prior to recreating the volume.

If the data is not needed, then the RAID can be recreated if the drives are in good health.  

**Only proceed with these steps if data recovery is not needed and if the drives are in good health.

  1. Turn off the Procache.
  2. Ensure drives are seated in completely into the unit
  3. Turn on the Procache. 
  4. Login
  5. Open Disk Management
  6. Delete the contents of each drive for the internal Procache individually except for the operating system.
  7. Create new Spanned Volume and select both drives to create the new volume.  Information on volume creation can be found here.
  8. Once the volume is created, you can then add the volume to the UI by scanning for new drives.