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Common Terminology

AD (Active Directory) - The directory in which your user accounts are housed.  Ex: If the email accounts, log in, and Platform login are all the same passwords and controlled by the company, your system is domain joined.  If your users are independently created on Platform, you are not domain joined.

CPU - Central Processing Unit

Ethernet - Internet Cable

Fiber - Fiber optics that generally have a longer range to be able to transmit data between locations 

GPU - Graphic Processing Unit

GUI - Graphic User Interface

NIC - Network Interface Connection

OS - Operating System - eg. Windows, OSX

Ping - Response to and from a destination on the network

RAID Controller - The card that is controls your storage

RAM - Random Access Memory

Reseat - Unplug and plug back in

SAS - Serial Attached SCSI - Connector for SAS capable devices to transmit data back and forth.  Various forms of SAS are SAS 6G and SAS 12G.

SMB - Server Message Block - Network Protocol to be able to transmit and receive files over the network

Switch - Network switch that connects all the network together

UI - User Interface