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How do I access my Platform Server from a remote location?

1. You will need to reach out to your network team to ensure or set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) in order to reach your company/private network from a remote location.  **Note that this is nothing that Promax has control over as this is a network infrastructure item to address.  

2. Once your network administrator gives you access to your network via remote access, you will need to know the IP address that you will use to reach the server.

3. You will need to have Listener running or install the Listener.

4. Enter the IP Address into your normal supported browser to attempt to reach the Platform UI.  

**If you are unable to reach the IP, you may need to contact your IT/network team to verify your VPN settings.  

If you are able to verify communication of the server but unable to utilize the Platform UI, you may be limited to specific abilities and may only be able to mount the spaces manually.

Please see this article here if this is the case.