What is important to know when moving a Platform server to another location?

These are best practices and tips when you need to move a server from one office to another

The ideas in this article are so that you know what to watch out for if you are moving a server within your own office or across the country.

  • When moving the server are there going to be any changes in Active Directory?
  • What network changes are happening?
    • Will the IP address scheme change?
      • If the IP address of the Platform server will need to be different and it is not set to DHCP, you need to decide if it is easier to change it before or after the move.
    • Will the new network support fast enough data throughput?
      • Because the server is designed to provide fast throughput of data for editing videos, you will need to ensure that sufficiently fast switches and other network hardware and cabling is located at the new location.
  • Will the users get new workstations?
    • If they do they will need to install the Listener Client on the new workstation.
  • Can you meet power and cooling requirements?
    What are expansion chassis specifications?
    What are the heat capacities of my server?
    What is the optimal temperature and environment for a server
  • Are there any LTO devices or expansions attached to the Platform Server?
    • Check the cabling and take photographs or draw diagrams of the cabling before disconnecting the cables. It is also a good idea to label the cables before the move.
  • Has the data on the server been backed up?
    • While a move will not usually result in data loss, it is always a good idea to have a backup in case of damage during transit.
  • Is the move being handled by a moving company?
    • If so, make sure they know the proper way to move and pack equipment. Some items like LTO libraries require special consideration when moving.
  • How much time is allocated to the move?
    • Plan not just for the physical move, but also the reinstallation and allow time for troubleshooting any issues that may arise.
  • Do I have a monitor, keyboard and mouse available for the reinstall?
    • This is very helpful when setting up a system in a new environment to troubleshoot any network issues.
  • Will the equipment need to be shipped?
    • If the equipment is moving from one part of an office to another in the same building, then the equipment can just be carefully disassembled and moved. If the equipment is moving any further, it should be securely packed after disassembly and transported in padded boxes. Hard drives should be removed from the server and packaged separately in cushioned boxes. LTO libraries may have shipping pins that need to be inserted into the case to prevent damage to the mechanisms during shipping.
  • How will the equipment be packed?