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How do I mount an LTFS tape outside of Platform?

1. Download LTFS software from Quantum here.

Server version will be listed like this --> TFS for Windows 64-Bit Installer, Version 3.0

Zip file containing LTFS for Windows 64-Bit Installer

2. Unzip and install the software onto the server.

3. Turn off the Task Services and wait 1-2 minutes as the Platform Software will release the LTO Drive.  This will also cease any tasks in Platform to proceed until the Task Service is turned back on.  See document here.

4. Open the LTFS Software, select the tape drive and create mapping.  This will give the LTO drive a drive letter on windows and allow LTFS tapes show the file system.

Example can be found on Quantum's manual here via pg 9.

5. When LTFS Software is no longer needed, everything will be done in reverse.  You may need to select the drop down menu in LTFS Configuration software or right-click on the drive in File Explorer to Eject if it is in use.

a. Unmap the drive in the LTFS Software

b. Turn on the Task Services