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Adding Users and Groups Workflow

1. Add User(s) in Users tab.  Please see manual here for details.

2. Create Group(s) in Groups tab.  Please see manual for details.

3. Add users to Group

4. Check Platform Space default permissions in Settings-->Platform Spaces.  Most users will have this on deny as default so permissions will be added to group explicitly. 

- If allow is set, then all users will have access from Platform Space creation. 

- If setting was set from allowed to denied, existing Platform Spaces will not change permissions.  New Platform Spaces created moving forward will apply this default.

**This document will move forward in the scenario that the Denied setting was always in place.

5. Navigate to the Permissions screen and find the Group that was created. 

6. Add Read and Modify and apply. 

7. Update User Permissions to set the task.

8. Task should be created and running.  It may finish quick depending on the files in the space.

9. If a new user is added to an existing group, you will need to reset the Platform Space permissions.  You must verify if users are on this space as they will be disconnected during this reset.