ProMAX DeDupe Requirements

System Requirements & Recommendations to run ProMAX DeDupe.

ProMAX DeDupe is a software upgrade available for users with the following system specs:

Server Requirements

  • ProMAX Platform Online 2000 / 2500 - or - 
  • ProMAX Platform Nearline 7000 - or - 
  • ProMAX Platform 16-Core / 24-Core - or - 
  • ProMAX Platform 6-Core*

Software Requirements - All Required

  • Platform 5.7 or later
  • ProMAX DeDupe Module
  • Windows 2016 or 2019 Server Standard

Storage Group Requirements

  • 64TB or Small SSD Storage Groups - or - 
  • 64TB or Smaller 12G SAS HDD, not supported for Storage Groups used for video editing

For users with more than 2 storage groups running ProMAX DeDupe, it is recommended to have a minimum of 64GB of RAM.

*For users running Platform 6-Core servers with DeDupe, we do not support both ProMAX DeDupe & ProMAX MAM on the same server.  It is recommended to upgrade to a 16 or 24 Core Processor if both are required.


Non-Supported Hardware

  • ProMAX Platform Online X, Y or Z Models
  • ProMAX Platform Online 1000 / 1500
  • ProMAX Platform Studio
  • ProMAX Platform Portable
  • ProMAX Platform MediaHub

Unfortunately due to performance requirements HDD Storage Groups used for video editing cannot have DeDupe enabled.