My workstation gets stuck on Connecting to Platform Screen


1. Ensure that all connections are verified and IP's are able to ping each other.

a.) Open Command Prompt aka CMD in Windows Search

b.) Type 'ping IP of server' eg. 'ping' or 'ping platform1.local' if IP is unknown

c.) If there is communication, there should be replies from the address.  If there are no replies, the workstation has a disconnect with either the IP configuration or a physical disconnect that must be troubleshooted by a person that is on site.

2. Verify that the time is the same on both server and workstation.  Time may be within +/- 5 min.

3. Close out the Listener

4. Clear the Browser cache.  Instructions can be found in step 3 of this document here.

5. Open file explorer and navigate to :

C:\Users\<useraccount>\AppData\Local\ProMAX\ProMAX Platform Client Listener

6. Rename the config file to 'config_old'.

7. Reinstall the Listener.  Instructions can be found here.

Please verify all items.  If the workstation is still not able to reach the login screen for Platform, please notify Promax Support in a ticket.