My Platform update is taking a very long time to complete or appears stuck, what can I do?

If you've applied an update and it's taking an abnormally long time to apply (greater than 30 minutes) check here for some solutions.

Occasionally a web update will appear to be stuck. Here are a few things you can do to determine the issue and possibly fix the situation.

  • If you're updating to v5.6, be aware that while previous updates have taken 5-10 minutes, v5.6 has extensive database cleanup operations and generally takes 30-45 minutes for most users. 
  • If you initiated the update from a workstation, try logging into the Platform desktop and initiating it from the desktop directly. Sometimes firewall rules may prevent the update from being downloaded properly when initiated from a workstation.
  • Check the available space on the C:\ of the Platform Server itself, if free space is less than 5GB, consider deleting old logs from the service directories located in:

NOTE: The Programdata directory is a hidden directory by default

  • If you have an extremely large database file (most common if you have a large LTO catalog) the update may take longer than expected. Updates on systems with large catalogs may take over an hour.


Help and Support

If you get stuck, something appears to go wrong, or you have questions you'd like to discuss about your update, please reach out to ProMAX Support M-F 5a-5p Pacific time at or via Phone at (949) 861-2700.