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Mediahub Quickstart Guide

**Platform must be running at least v5.7.1.6

Necessities for connecting the Mediahub:




Power Source

Ethernet Cable (if there is a place to plug into)

Access to the main server

1. Open up the protective Promax Mediahub case to locate:

(1) Mediahub

(1) Power Cable

2. Connect the Mediahub to a power source and the peripherals to the unit

3. Power on the Mediahub

4. When prompted for login, use the following credentials. 

*Note that these are the same credentials to log into the Platform UI.

Username: admin

Password: Promax123

5. Join the Mediahub to your network.  You may connect via wifi or hardwired if you have a cable available. 

*Note that wifi is not an optimal method for workstations to connect to the mediahub.  

Ethernet and Wifi connection walkthrough here.


6. Open up the Platform UI and log in.

7. Open the Settings screen and navigate to the connections tab.

*Note the IP Address of the active connection.  This is the IP that will be used for the workstation to connect to.

8. On the editing workstation, open up a web browser.  Chrome is best to use.

9. Enter the same IP Address into the browser.

10. A prompt for the Listener will appear.  Download the version that is appropriate for your operating system.

11. Once installed, launch the Listener from your applications folder/start menu.

12. Refresh the browser and log into the Platform UI.

13. For steps for Remote Sync, please see article here.