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I want to delete multiple Platform Spaces at once.

**Process is demonstrated on Platform v5.6.  

1. Log into Platform as an admin user

2. On Storage Group screen, right-click the StorageGroup that the designated spaces are located and Search Storage Group.

3. Ensure that you are in Tree-View and Select the Platform Spaces that you wish to delete.

4. A prompt of selected spaces will appear.  You will need to confirm if the spaces are the ones that you wish to delete and the next screen will require 'DELETE' to be inputted to confirm deletion.  There is no retrieval tool for Promax to recover entire Platform Spaces that are deleted.

**Promax is not responsible for accidental data deletion.

A prompt for proxy deletion will appear.  This is a user based decision.

5. The tasks for each Platform Space deletion will start and process one by one.