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What does the "Mirror" function do?

The "Mirror" function allows one way mirroring from one Platform space to another, usually located on a different storage group.

See the video below for more information on how to set up and manage an ongoing mirror with the "Mirror" function.


1.) The mirror function whether it be via storage group or platform space, will mirror the data from the source to its destination.

Target storage must be in NTFS.  FAT32, exFAT, and HSFJ will not work for mirror tasks.

2.) If there is different data on the destination, the data will be overwritten to match the data on the source.

3.) If the destination of the mirror has the same data but the source data has new files, the system will scan and write only the new data.

4.) A mirror is a one way replication so changes on the target will not write back to the source data