What do I do when I have File Locking issues?

There is no hardware or software tweaks to fix this as this is a workflow issue with Macs specifically over an SMB share.

**Best practice: Dismount all spaces and log out of the Platform UI at the end of the day.

****Adobe Image files will have issues saving to a network mount and is a known issue with Adobe products such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

******Macs with SMB shares will also have issues if you are in Gallery or Column view.  It is best to be in Icon or List view to help avoid potential file locking due to Finder.

1. Use the Open Files tab in the UI to check if anyone has the share open.  If there is a user that has it open, check on their workstation to see if the File Explorer/Finder Window has it opened/viewed.

2. Attempt to force close that user in the UI.  If the right-click option is not there in the Open Files tab, then you will need the user to close out.  If the Open Files tab still shows it open, it is likely that the Mac has left the SMB share open and cannot close out the session.  From there, the server will need to reboot if the file/folder(s) is needed to be altered immediately.  

3. If you cannot afford to reboot the server, you can save your files either locally or into another directory if the file is not able to overwritten/deleted or you will need to save the project file locally to then transfer to the server later on.