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12/13/2021 Security Notice: Log4shell Java Exploit CVE-2021-44228 and ProMAX Platform

Platform software does not utilize the Java/Apache components that suffer from the Log4shell exploit and is not vulnerable in standard configurations.

Standard deployments of Platform hardware and software are not vulnerable to the recently revealed Log4shell Java exploit known as CVE-2021-44228 as they do not utilize the Java/Apache components required for the flaw to be exploited. Platform systems that are not running 3rd party software in addition to the standard Platform software can be considered secure and safe from this exploit. 

NOTICE: Many of our users utilize Platform servers to run 3rd party tools for additional business tasks. ProMAX cannot guarantee that Platform systems running 3rd party tools are secure from this exploit. It is highly recommended that you work with the developers of any 3rd party tools running on your platform server and verify they are also secure from this exploit.