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How do I login to the Areca RAID Controller? (ArcHTTP)

Using the RAID Controller Interface

This method requires direct access to the Platform server desktop, via either Remote desktop or local login.

1. Login to Server

2. Open ArcHTTP

3. Select RAID Controller and Click "Advanced Features"

4. Login

Username: admin

Password: 0000


Open "ARCHTTPSvrGui", this will launch a small program that will run in the background.  If ArcHTTP ceases to function, you may follow steps here to use ArcSAP instead.

Return to desktop and go to system tray (set of small icons near the time/date display in the bottom right hand corner).  Double click on icon below.

On the left side column of this page will be an option labeled "SAS RAID Controller" with a small + next to it, click the + and expand the list.

Expand SAS RAID Controller and click on "ARC-1882 Web Management".

Your RAID Controller model number may differ.

 5.  Login: admin / PW: 0000 (four zeros)