Beta: Known Issues

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Known Issues

  • (Desktop/Admin) Currently limited to 5 questions in a Project
  • (Desktop/Admin) Web/Admin interface is not fully responsive, does not work well on mobile browsers 
  • (Desktop/Admin) Vertical Video doesn't preview well in thumbnails (it is zoomed/cut)
  • If an Admin User is an Assigned User there may be conflicts accessing or uploading the project on the mobile App
  • (Mobile App) Some Android Phones are unable to save videos to the local Photo Library
  • (Desktop/Admin) "Allow Public Projects" does not work
  • (Desktop/Admin) All videos download with the same name
  • (Desktop/Admin) Tags are not currently searchable
  • (Desktop/Admin) Archiving Projects does not currently work
  • (Desktop/Admin) If a Project is deleted, the Library will no longer show the name of the Project / Question