My File/Folder does not delete. What do I do?

Method 1

The very first step in to be able to delete a folder that is unable to delete is to reboot the server.  It should be the most full proof if the folder's permissions are properly set.  


Method 2

You can navigate to the highest point of the file path towards the root, share it out on the network, mount it and attempt to delete the folder in question via a workstation.  If the folder is able to delete, you will need to revert the permissions back afterwards.  You may reset the permissions in the UI for the Platform Space.  Another alternative is to move the folders up directories to attempt to shorten the path.


Method 3

Go within the folder in question and remove files and folders within to see if this narrows down what is causing the folder to be in use and preventing the deletion.  Once identified, you would need go into the folder/file's permissions and set it to allow everyone access and attempt the deletion of the items within.


Method 4

WARNING! The following is purely destructive and there is no restoring the data in the directory you target. Be very cautious when performing this operation. 

  1. Log into the server locally or through Remote Desktop.
  2. Create a New Folder on the root of StorageGroup01 Take note of the Drive letter on StorageGroup01 (the default is D: and will be used in this example)
  3. Open an Administrator Command Prompt.
  4. Navigate to the folder you want to clear the contents of, Right Click the folder while holding the Shift Key and select "Copy folder as pathname"
  5. Type out the following command replacing FOLDER TO DELETE with the path name you copied earlier (right click within the command prompt and select paste):

robocopy "D:\New Folder" "FOLDER TO DELETE" /mir

You need to keep both paths within quotations if they have any spaces throughout the pathname. Be aware this command is destructive and there is no way back from this method of deletion outside of data recovery.