My Database is Full. What do I do?

My Promax Platform database is full and states that, "Database is xx.xx % Full, Platform Stability will degrade when Full”.

The Platform Database is not the size of the storage that contains the data/media housed on the server.

The Promax Platform fills up the database the with based on the amount of:

a.) Platform Spaces

b.) Users

c.) Groups

d.) LTO Tapes

e.) Indexed Spaces

The immediate way to clear up database space: 

a.) Remove tapes from the Catalog.  You may force sync a tape later to re-add the tape into the catalog.

b.) Remove a platform space from search.  Turn off indexing on a space by right-clicking on the Platform Space and go to Properties.  Uncheckmark the Search function.

The only ultimate way to gain a larger database size:

Purchase a SQL Standard License.

This is not an issue that Promax can resolve by making a database smaller.  The SQL license is a hardcoded license for database size limit and purchasing a license will create a larger limit that the database can grow into.

For a Quote for a SQL Standard License, please email