Mediahub 3rd Party Storage Compatibility

In order for a MediaHub to share media from a 3rd Party Storage device, certain criteria needs to be met.

MediaHubs are capable of connecting to a 3rd Party storage device (such as a QNAP, Synology, SNS Evo, etc...) and sharing out select folders as sync spaces to other connected MediaHub devices. This allows you to place a MediaHub in your office, connected to your 3rd Party storage device and reshare a sync folder to your external remote users who use mediahubs in their home/offsite. Your office users will utilize your existing storage solution as they normally would, with the new addition of one or more sync folders that allow them to share data with the home users. For the home users, they will mount and work on their sync space as normal, and as they work this data will be automatically sync'd into the office and stored on the existing 3rd party storage. 

MediaHub is capable of connecting to most 3rd Party Storage devices that can be mounted into a windows 10 environment. In order to connect a Mediahub to 3rd Party storage, the following must be true:

  • You must be able to mount the 3rd Party Storage device onto the MediaHub desktop (Windows 10 Environment) as an SMB 2.0 or higher share or as a local device with a drive letter.
  • For consistent connectivity, you must be able to set the 3rd Party storage share to reconnect on login
  • The MediaHub must be able to read and write data into the 3rd Party Storage share properly for the sync to function.
  • The share should not time out and disconnect, and any power efficient ethernet functions should be disabled to insure an always on connection for the share. 
  • If your 3rd Party Storage requires a special client app to mount shares, it may need to be installed on your MediaHub device. Also, you may need to make changes to your 3rd Party Storage device settings so the MediaHub can work properly in that environment (You may need to contact your 3rd Party Storage vendor to assist if changes are required to maintain an always on stable share the MediaHub can use).