How to Open a Ticket With Support

1. Browse the support knowledge base to see if the issue is covered in the supplied articles/user manual.  If the issue is not covered in any of the articles, please proceed with the next step.

2. Send new Email (New emails required for new tickets.  Please refrain from responding to old/closed email threads for new issues as they will not be seen).

**Please note that if you are emailing from a personal email account, include your company name and serial number of the server you are looking for assistance with.

a.) Include Title of issue

b.) Include detail of issue in body of email

c.) Include screenshots and/or video captures of issue

3. Once submitted, an email confirmation will appear 

4. A support tech will respond in a timely manner and this thread will track the issue(s).

**Please refrain from directly emailing a support staff member.  If that support staff member is not in the office, the tech team cannot see these emails.  All Support emails should go to

**If there is an issue, a ticket must be created to track.  We do not use Live Chat for support troubleshooting.  Live chat is for information inquiries.

**Installations and Workflow Trainings must be scheduled and are never done same day.