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How to Create a NIC Team

Overview This document describes the procedure to be used when creating NIC Teams on ProMAX Platform Systems.

Creating a Virtual NIC through Windows Server Manager

  1. Select the Start Menu Icon in the Bottom right and open Server Manager
  2. Select Local Server on the left side Menu, you will see a hyperlink listed next to NIC Teaming

3. Click the Hyperlink and the Team Setup window will open

4. Right Click one of the Adapters and select “Add to New Team”

5. Name the Team, select all adapters to be included in the Team, and select the Teaming Mode:
    1. Static for Aggregating Bandwidth to Statically configured Ports on a single Switch
    2. Switch Independent for connecting to two or more Switches which are not connected to each-other
    3. LACP for connecting to LACP configured Switch Ports.

    6. Select OK and close Server Manager



Assigning an IP to the Virtual NIC

  1. Open up Network and Sharing Center - Select the Start Menu and type ncpa.cpl then press Enter
  2. Right-click the new Teamed NIC and select Properties
  3. Select IPv4 and then Properties
  4. Either select “Obtain IP address automatically” or configure a static IP with “Use the following IP address:”

Add Team to Platform UI

1.Login to Platform

2. Go to Settings-->Connections

3. Add All Connections