How to Access and Use LSA Storage Authority

How to open, login, and use LSA Storage Authority to check the status, rebuild, and adjust RAID settings on certain 24 Bay Servers.

If you have a 24 Bay Server that uses a Broadcom RAID card, there will be a shortcut on the Desktop that says "Launch LSA". This will open the program in a window of your preferred browser.

Click "Sign In". There will be a dropdown option that gives the choice between HOST and DOMAIN. Select DOMAIN. Use the Admin username and password to login to LSA Storage Authority.

Login Page

If you have multiple Broadcom or LSI controllers, please choose the RAID card from the top right of the screen. It will be listed as "AVAGO MegaRAID SAS 9361-24i".

Controller Select

You will be able to see the status of your RAID from this page.

If there are any background tasks, such as a rebuild, occurring, you will see a + sign dropdown.

Background Process


If the system is making a beeping noise with a 1 second pause in between each beep, that means a drive has failed. After logging into LSA, you will see a red bar and the StorageGroup will show degraded. You can silence the alarm in the top right corner.

Silence Alarm

Remove the failed drive and replace it with a cold spare
You should now see an Unconfigured Good drive in your system

Unconfigured Good

Click the box next to the Unconfigured Good drive to checkmark the box. You will see some options on the right side of the screen. Set the new disk to a hot spare and the rebuild will begin.