How do I remove/install an SSD in a Mediahub?

You will need a Philips Screwdriver ready.

1. Unplug the mediahub and place upsidedown.

2. Unscrew the (4) Philips screws that are in the feet of the Mediahub.  They remain in the lid so they do not fall out.

3. Lift lid and place where the ribbon cable has slack.

4. Remove the (2) Philips screws from the sides if this is a removal.

5. Push the SSD out from the connectors to remove the SSD if removing.

6. If installing, align the SSD so the connectors will line up and push the SSD in and then install the (2) Philips screws.

7. Place lid back onto the unit and use the Arrow to point to the front of the unit.  The front will have the Power button in front.

8. Screw in the (4) Philips screws.

9. Connect Mediahub.