How do I check the health of a drive/volume?

1. Log into the server directly or using remote software.  Logging into the Platform UI from a workstation will not suffice.  You must be on the Windows OS to do this.

2. Open up File Explorer (Any folder will do to start).

3. Right-Click on the drive in question (this example is the Operating System Drive) and click on Properties.  You can do this on the RAID/Storage volumes as well.

4. Go to Tools, select Check and then Scan Drive.  This example the drive was already scanned so your server may show different options.  Generally a Scan and Repair option may appear.  Allow the process to finish.



Additional scans: To further scan the operating system drive for any further issues.

1. Open Command Prompt in administrator mode.

2. Type in 'sfc /scannow' and hit enter.  Any corrupt files/sectors should be repaired from here.


If there are still issues with the drive that were not able to repair, type in the same command prompt window, 'chkdsk /f'.

This will force an offline scan during the next reboot.  The system will take time to scan through so be aware of downtime.