How do I access my MediaHub's Operating System via Mac?

1. Open Apple App Store
2. Download Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 (requires apple ID)
3. Add Desktop
4. Fill in the following
     PC Name: mediahub.local
     User: mediahub\admin
     Password: Promax123
5. Click Add
6. Double Click the added Desktop to login

Remote access via Mac workstation
Open Apple App Store and download Microsoft Remote Desktop.  You must have an Apple ID to download this software.
Once installed, launch and add Desktop/PC. 
PC Name: Use the IP that is normally used to connect to the server.  If you do not know which IP to connect to, you may use mediahub.local. 
User Account: Add New User Account
Username: mediahub\admin
Password: Promax123
 Once the device is added, you will double-click to connect and continue.