v5.5.1.5 Update Release Notes

Release Notes for v5.5.1.5

We are pleased to announce an updated version of ProMAX Platform Software, V.  This update version has made substantial improvements to overall system performance and stability. With this release we have suppressed the performance screens, they will be added back in a subsequent release. We have also re-enabled the thumbnails when indexing platform spaces and writing files to tape. Some items addressed in this release include:

  • Increased LTO performance 
  • Support for MacOS 10.14.X Mojave
  • Improvements to task screen functions
  • Storage group copy inconsistencies
  • Improved Proxy generation and transcoding
  • Improved Database Performance 
  • Improved GPU Service 


NOTE: During this installation, your Platform Server may reboot to install .Net 4.7.  You must insure that all tasks are stopped and all users are disconnected from the system before running this update.  Also, please make sure that all USB devices are removed before rebooting. 

Detailed release notes and instructions are also available here in our support system.

Download Release Notes for v5.5.1.5