v Release Notes

This update may require significant downtime to deploy, please read below.

Release date: June 17th, 2020

IMPORTANT: Performing this update may require several hours of downtime for your Platform system. We recommend running the update overnight to avoid interruptions during working hours. See the "Deployment considerations" section below for more information.

Main Features and Improvements

How to update your Platform

Update includes:

  • Remote MediaHub Sync 
  • Data Deduplication (DeDupe)

  • Catalina Support

  • Native FCPX Library / Support NFS

  • Tape Catalog Export to Excel

  • 25/40/100G Infrastructure Support

  • SSD Optimization

  • Many Database & LTO Improvements!

Release Notes for Platform v5.7.1.6

Deployment considerations

This update may take several hours to fully deploy.

The update makes significant changes to the way user permissions are handled. These changes require a complete reset of user permissions for all files located on the storage system. Existing permissions will be removed, and new permissions reapplied based on the permissions settings on each user and Platform Space.

To accomplish this, the update process will auto-schedule Storage Group level permission resets that will begin a few minutes after the update is installed. These resets are necessary to update user permissions for compatibility with v and future updates. During these resets, your users will lose access to data until the process is complete.

The estimated length of downtime you may experience is based on the number of files (not size of files in GB or TB) on your Storage Groups, the number of users on your system, and the processing power of your model of Platform server. Typically though, users with around 50TB of video-centric data will take approximately 2 hours to fully reset permissions properly. Be aware that if you have a large number users, user groups, or individual files (typically seen with frame-based media like DPX or PNG sequences), that reset times may be up to 4 hours or more.

Once the update has begun, it cannot be stopped and must be allowed to complete fully.