Updating a Sub-Node server using an offline update package

Secondary servers (Sub nodes) that are joined to a primary server (Home node) have a different update process that is outlined in this document.


When Platform servers are linked together, the Primary system is designated as the Home node, and the secondary systems are designated as Sub nodes. During an update, the Home node will attempt to initiate an update on all connected Sub Nodes, however network topology, firewall rules, and other issues may prevent a sub from updating properly. A sub must be running the same version as the Home node for correct functionality, so it may become necessary to run an offline update package on one or more sub nodes directly.


What do I need to do to update successfully?

This guide assumes the following:

  • You have an existing Platform server that is fully functional.
  • You have an active ProCare Support Contract with ProMAX Systems.
  • Determine if your Platform system is managing it's own Users as a standalone system, or if it is connected to an external Active Directory system. Note that some steps may be different depending on this configuration. Specific guidance based on this configuration will be marked as Standalone or Domain Joined below.

What is the process?

  • Preparing the update data (This stage can be completed without interrupting your existing Platform operations)
  • Launching the Platform Installer Console
  • Running the Sub Webservice Updates


Preparation for Update

The following steps may  be performed without altering or bringing your existing Platform system offline.

Log into your Platform Server desktop directly

You will need to log into the desktop of the Platform sub node. Ensure that you log in with the Platform Service account that runs the Platform services.

Standalone - The default login for standalone systems is

  • Username - Platform\Admin
  • PW "Promax123"

Domain Joined - The login will be the same as your Platform service account, you may use these same credentials

Download the latest version of the Platform offline installer

Download the installer package to the desktop of the Platform system you will be updating

Platform v5.6 Standalone Console Installer Package (547MB)

Install the Platform v5.6 Standalone Update package

NOTE: Running this installer package does not offline your Platform system. This action unpacks and stages the update for full deployment in the subsequent steps. Your Platform and users may remain online during this step.

  1. Run the installer package
  2. Say "Yes" to update the server installer package.
  3. Follow the prompts and answer "Next" and "Yes" where applicable to update the Platform deployment console to v5.6 in preparation of running the full update process. 
  4. When the installer completes it will ask if you want to restart the server at this time. You may select "No" if you are not ready to offline the system and proceed with the full update yet. 

Launch the Platform Update Console

  1. On the Platform desktop, navigate to the following folder:
  2. c: > Program Files (x86) > ProMAX > ProMAX Platform Server Installer
  3. Run the ProMAXConsole.exe file.
  4. Say "Yes" to the User Account Control question:
  5. When the Platform Console launches, check the upper right corner and ensure that the version is v5.6.0.30 or higher.

Run the Platform v5.6 Sub Webservice Update

This process will be the actual update of the Platform Software to v5.6. Performing this update process will offline your Platform system. 


  1. Once your Platform Reboots, again navigate to the following directory and launch the ProMAXConsole.exe file.
    c: > Program Files (x86) > ProMAX > ProMAX Platform Server Installer


  2. Once at the console, select the "Deploy Sub" option
  3. Answer yes to the following question:
  4. Enter your Platform Admin PW (Default is "Promax123"):

    Standalone - The default login for standalone systems is

    • Username - Platform\Admin
    • PW "Promax123"

    Domain Joined - The login will be the same as your Platform service account, you may use these same credentials

  5. Check that your Platform service account name is populated in the User dialog box, and click "Okay"
  6. The Sub webservice update will now begin and the console will display information.
    NOTE: The console will become unresponsive for several minutes during the deployment, this is normal.
  7. After several minutes, scroll to the bottom of the console and check the status. The last line of your update should read "Success!"
    NOTE: If you cannot scroll down, please wait, as the update is not yet complete and the console is still locked out.
  8. You may now close the Installer Console.
  9. Reboot the sub node. 
  10. Check the "Nodes" tab in the Platform interface on the Home server to verify that the sub node has been successfully updated. 


Help and Support

If you get stuck, something appears to go wrong, or you have questions you'd like to discuss before your update, please reach out to ProMAX Support M-F 5a-5p Pacific time at Support@Promax.com or via Phone at (949) 861-2700.