Transcoding Tab

The Transcoding configuration tab is designed to let the administrator set Platform’s Transcoding options.

transcoding config tab

simultaneous encoding jobs

This field indicates how many transcoding jobs can run on the server at the same time. However, the actual number of jobs that will run simultaneously may also be limited by the transcoding software versions installed on the Platform.

Limitations: Platform uses Telestream Episode® to encode all video formats except RED ‘.r3d’. The standard Episode version only allows 1 Encode at a time. If the system was licensed with Episode Pro, the system can have 2 encodes of these files at once. If the system was Licensed with Episode Engine, the system is not limited. Additionally, the system will encode both RED ‘r3d’ files and Episode files simultaneously.

Standard Encoders

The grid lists the standard encoders that are available with Platform. These encoders cannot be changed, however, the user can import custom encoders by clicking on the Import Encoder button.

Import Encoder

This option allows the user to set up encoders (XML for RED and .epitask for Episode) in those software programs and then import them into Platform.