Task Scheduling options

When an operator is ready to schedule a task, the individual task screen has a number of options. Many a specific to the job at hand, however, there are common elements to each task including the task scheduling options.

Task Schedule

When scheduling a task, the operator has the option of scheduling the task to run immediately or opting for scheduling it to run at a future date/time.

schedule tasks

By selecting the button under “Schedule”, the operator has the choice.

Scheduled Time

If the operator selects “Scheduled Time”, the system will present an input field allowing the operator to choose the future date and time for the task to begin.

schedule task calendar


recurring schedule

Additionally, if the operator chooses the ‘IsRecurring’ checkbox, the system will provide a schedule allowing a recurring task scheduled to be created. A recurring schedule allows the user to set the following fields:

recurring schedule 2

Scheduled Start Time – Recurring tasks will not start executing before this time.

Scheduled End Time - Recurring tasks will not start executing after this time.

Days of the Week – Tasks will only begin executing on days of the week checked.

Interval – The number of minutes in between the start of one task and the start of another task. This does not include the amount of time the job runs.

Recurring Task Schedule Examples

Recurring Task

Restarting a Task

Certain tasks have the option of being restarted if they fail. They include but are not limited to Platform Space Mirrors.

restarting task

When the operator right-clicks on a task that has stopped, they can select ‘Restart Task’.