Sync Catalog / Import Tape

The Sync Catalog / Import Tape option allows an operator to synchronize the Table of Contents stored on a tape (LTFS or Tar) with the Platform Integrated Catalog (Database). This is critical as the Platform System uses the Platform Integrated Catalog to determine information about what is on a tape. There are three conditions that will allow this command to be used:

Importing a Platform Formatted Tape – When a tape that was written by another Platform System or the tape is no longer in the Platform Database, this command can be used to update the Platform Database with the Table of Contents of the tape. The Tape Table of Contents is a file on the tape telling the system what files are on the tape.

Importing a Cache-A Formatted Tape – When reading a Cache-A tar tape, this command will allow the operator to import the Table of Contents of the Cache-A tape so that the tape can be used. Cache-A tar tapes will remain read only after this process.

Importing a LTFS Formatted Tape – When reading a tape which has been written with the LTFS Standard format, this command will allow importing the table of contents so that the tape may be further used.