Storage Group Screen

storage group screen

Figure 8 Storage Group Screen

The storage group information grid shows key information about each storage group connected to the Platform Network:

Type: This icon represents the file system of the particular storage group and has the following option:

platform icon-1

ProMAX Platform Storage Group. This type of storage has special properties and capabilities in the Platform Network.

windows storage group

Represents a Microsoft Windows® type of storage group type. This includes NTFS, FAT, FAT32. To see further details, right click on the storage group and select Properties.

apple storage group

This icon represents an Apple HFS® or Apple HFS Plus® Storage Group.

Name: The Storage Group name is listed.

Server: This column shows what Platform Server Node the Storage Group is connected to. Storage Groups can be connected on any node in the Platform Network.

Max Space: Typically Listed in Terabytes or Gigabytes, this column represents the total capacity of the Storage Group.

Used Space: Shows the total amount of space used on the Storage Group. This includes all of the Platform Spaces on the Storage Group but also contains all of the space used from files or other folders on the Storage Group that are not current Platform Spaces. See Removing Platform Spaces.

Free Space: A simple calculation of the Total Capacity less the Used Space.

% Free: A percentage calculation of the total space available compared to the maximum capacity of the Storage Group.

Free space

The Capacity graph is a visual representation of the total space, how much is used and how much is remaining.

Storage Group Color Legend

storage group color legend

It is possible for the background color of each Storage Group row to be highlighted in different color. These colors represent different meanings and show in the legend below the Storage Group grid.

no color

No Color - This is a standard Platform Storage group with no issues listed.

not optimal

Not Optimal for Performance- The Storage group is online and working, however, it may or may not support the streaming speeds required for video editing or production.


Degraded – This Platform Storage Group has a problem with the RAID and is not performing optimally. This could be caused by a drive failure in a RAID set or another problem. This color will also show as the background color of all of the Platform Space on the Storage Group to notify the operator of the problem. If a degraded Storage Group is shown, please contact ProMAX Support as soon as possible to resolve the problem. This could indicate an imminent data loss condition.

If a Storage Group is in a Degraded State, the physical server may emit a loud repetitive beeping noise. This noise can be muted by right clicking on the Storage Group line and choosing ‘Mute Buzzer’. Please contact ProMAX Support as soon as possible to help rebuilding the RAID system to prevent data loss.

Storage Group Space Chart

storage group space chart

Listed at the bottom of the Storage Group screen, this chart shows the total used space across all of the storage groups throughout all of your Platform Network. This will include storage groups on other nodes in your network.