Storage Group Performance

The Storage Group tab provides detailed information on each Storage Group connected to each node of the Platform Network. In the upper grid of the tab the following information is presented:

Server – This is the name of the Platform Node which the storage group is attached.

Storage Group – This is the name of the Storage Group.

MB/Sec – The total megabytes per second transferred (to and from) the storage group during the last sample size (See performance refresh rate below).

% Used – This is the percentage of the total storage group size capacity that is used on the storage group.

% Busy – This is an indicator of how busy the storage group is during the last sample. When operating less than 75%, typically the system is operating in the norm and the storage group is not a bottleneck for performance. Sustained % busy greater than 75% can indicate that the storage group is slowing down the performance of the system operation.

storage group performance

By default, the storage group performance tab will refresh information once per second. This is defined in the system configuration screens under Performance Refresh Rate.