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Proxy Generation

Platform’s proxy generation feature provides a powerful automatic method to create lower-resolution video files of camera footage for the purpose of low-bandwidth viewing of the material. To generate proxies on video files, the operator has a couple of different choices:

Proxy Generation on a Platform Space or Folders – This option is described in the Platform Space section of the manual and allows users to generate proxies on an entire Platform Space or on individual folders within the Platform Space.

Proxy Generation of a Specific File – As noted above, the operator can also select files on the search result screen and request a proxy file to be created.

Proxy Location

Proxy files are stored at the root of a Storage Group as defined in the Asset Management Tab of the System Configuration screen. This screen allows the system administrator to decide if the proxies should always be stored on a specific storage group or on the storage group that the source file’s Platform Space exists on.

Regardless, the proxy file location is always located at the root of the Storage Group under a folder named ‘PlatformProxies’. This folder is a ‘hidden’ folder in the Windows Operating System so if an administrator wants to find the folder they must first turn on the ability to see hidden files in Windows Explorer.

Proxy files are written under the PlatformProxies directory in a mirror folder structure of the Platform Space. For instance:

Platform Proxy Gen

In this example the proxy is storage in the same folder structure as the source file under the PlatformProxies directory. Additionally, the Proxy type suffix is added to the end of the proxy file name. The proxy suffix is determined by the system’s proxy encoding format which is selected in the Asset Management Tab of the System Configuration Screen.

Proxy Consumption

Proxy files can be played using the Platform Player in the search screen. Another method is for the system administrator to share the PlatformProxies directory and then allow users to mount an SMB share to that directory.