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Platform File Locking

The file locking option in the Search Result screen allows users to put an exclusive lock on a file so that no other user can update or modify the file while it is locked. When requesting a lock, the system requires that no other user have the file locked and the system will only allow a user to select one file to lock at a time.

Lock File and Project Locking

Although the File Lock option can be used with any file in the Platform System, it is typically used with certain project files like Adobe Premiere Pro® project files. This option is valuable to ensure that no other editor updates a project file while another user has it open.

Results of a Lock File – It is important to note that after a file is locked by a user, no other user will be able to modify the file with a program. Depending on the program, if a user attempts to open a locked file, the user may receive an error from the program. Errors are dependent on the individual program and may say the user does not have permission or give a more general error.

To lock a file, the user will right-click on the file and click on the ‘Lock File’ command:

lock file

After the lock command is complete, the system will add an icon next to the file. Any user viewing search results for the file can move their mouse over the file and see who has the file locked.

lock icon

Unlock a File

Unlocking a file is only available if the lock icon appears next to a file and the user has ‘Modify Permission’ to the Platform Space that the file resides in. To unlock a file, the operator will select the file and select unlock. After the unlock is performed the lock icon will disappear.