Platform Adobe Premiere Pro Panel Interface

The panels interface has been designed for maximum flexibility allowing access to key features of the Platform Server. For ease of use, features have been restricted to the capabilities used most in an editing environment. However, users can also use the full web browser GUI interface at the same time they are using the Premiere Pro Panel Interface.

Because the capabilities here are duplicates of the Platform Web Browser Interface, details of the functions will not be repeated in this section of the document. Please refer to the sections of this manual that describe the features in detail.

Panel Layout

premiere panel layout

Figure 31 – Adobe Premiere Pro® Panels Layout

The Panel Layout provides an intuitive similar to the Platform web browser interface. The search bar is always present in the panel window for quick access to files by name. The Platform Menu Tabs are shown at the top of the panel (in the web browser interface they are listed down the left hand side of the screen).

Search – The search tab replicates portions of the search screen in the standard Platform interface. This includes the ability to perform simple and advanced searches.

Platform Spaces – This tab replicates the Platform Spaces screen and allows the operator to mount, dismount and search Platform Spaces.

Open Files – The operator can easily see what files are open across the Platform System.


The same powerful capabilities available in the web browser interface is also available in the Panels Interface. The user has the standard simple search bar and the advanced searching capabilities. Although the window interface looks different, the same capabilities are available from the panels interface.

By using the panels advanced search window, the editor can easily find the necessary clips and media for the task at hand.

premiere panel search

In this example, the editor is looking for any files where their stored path contains ‘AU Films’ and have the metadata keyword ‘#Approved’.

Search Results Tab

After completing a search, the search results show in the ‘Search’ tab or Search Results tab.

premiere panel search results

Similar to the Search Results Screen in the Platform Browser Interface, the editor can browse thru the search results and select files and folders to work with. Right-Click options for files in the search result screen are similar to the Platform browser interface but also include some unique commands for inside the Premiere Pro Interface. These include:

Open in Source Panel – By choosing this option, the editor can easily play the footage in the source monitor. Double-clicking on the asset activates this command as well.

Import into Project – This option will add the asset to the project at the root of the project structure.

Standard search result right-click options also include:

premiere panel open


Open Folder

Data Management

Copy To

Move To




Asset Management

Generate Proxy


Lock File

Dragging Assets to the Timeline

Editors can Easily select and drag items from the search results grid directly to the editing timeline. By left-clicking on a file and holding down the left-click button and dragging the cursor over to the timeline, the system will automatically pull the file into the sequence.

Platform Space must be Mounted

platform space must be mounted

If an editor attempts to drag a file from the search result scree when the underlying Platform Space is not mounted, the cursor will show a circle with line thru it during the drag operation. Then the system will automatically mount the Platform Space and present this message. After clicking on the ‘OK’ button, the operator can drag the file again to the timeline.

Platform Spaces Tab

premiere platform spaces tab

Figure 32 - Adobe Panels - Platform Spaces Tab

If the Platform Spaces Filter box appears in the upper right hand corner of the window, the user may filter the Platform Spaces on the screen.

The Platform Spaces tab duplicates the capabilities of the Platform web browser with restricted features. Operators will see all of the Platform Spaces they have access to and can mount, dismount, open and see properties of each space. See the Platform Spaces Screen for full details on the features that are listed in the menu.

Menu options for Platform Spaces include:

Mount / Dismount


Search Platform Space


Open Files Tab

This tab duplicates the feature set found in the Open Files menu option on the Platform browser interface. It is specifically designed for conflict situations where an editor cannot open, move, or delete a file that another user has open.

premiere open files tab

By selecting the Open Files tab, the system will display a list of files open by different users in the system.