Open Files

The Open Files screen can be used to see all the open files and folders in the Platform System. Open files are defined as files that have been recently or are currently in use by an operator logged into the Platform System. These files may or may not be exclusively locked; this screen shows files that are currently open.

Folders are listed if an operator has a file open or has recently opened a file within that folder path.

Open file info grid

The Open Files information grid shows the following:

Platform Space – The name of the Platform Space that holding the file in question.

File – The name of the file.

Full Path – Includes the name of the Platform Space as well as any sub folders to the full path of the file.

User Name – The name of the user that has the file open.

Open File Right Click Options

Close File - If the logged in user has ‘Admin’ Feature Permissions to the Open Files screen, they will have the right click option to ‘Close File’. This option will only show up on files not on folders. If this option is used, the system will force close the specified file. This Close-File option can be used when the user that has the file open cannot be contacted or perhaps has left the office and left the file open.

Warning – The close file option should only be used when the operator is certain that the file being closed is no longer in use. Closing a file though this method can potentially create file damage and is not recommended. Also note, that sometimes, the close request will be temporary as the user’s computer program that had the file open, can sometimes automatically reopen the file.


After performing the Close-File command, the system will prompt the operator to ensure they want to proceed. After answering yes, the system will attempt to force close the file.