Notifications Tab

The Notifications tab is used to set up the logged in user will be notified from system events. This tab is available to all users, not just system administrators.

tasks notifications tab

Notification Status

Each task type listed in the Notification Grid, has Notification Status Types: Error, Warning and Success.

Error. These are conditions that are considered serious and will require the attention of the operator or the administrator. An example might be a task or job that failed.

Warning. Warnings provide information to the operator to inform them that a job or task needs attention but it is not necessarily serious.

Success. Success status indicates the task or job worked without issue.

Notification Options

For each notification status, the operator can choose one of the following notification options:

None. The operator will not receive a notification when the event occurs.

Pop-Up. The operator will receive a pop-up balloon in the operating system for the notification.

Email. Based on the email settings below, the operator will receive an email notification.

Email & Pop-Up. The operator will receive both an email and a pop-up balloon in the operating system for the notification.


The SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) settings are used to set up how the Platform will communicate with a mail server for sending mail. In order for the Platform to be able to send notifications thru email, these settings must be established and tested.

Email Address to Notify. This will be the email address that the email is sent from. An example would be

Host. This is the IP address or Host name of the mail server.

Port. The is the Port Number that the email will be sent on. For standard email, this is usually set to port 25.

Domain. This is the domain name of the email server.

Username. This is the login name for the account that has access to the email server.

Password. This is the password for the account that has access to the email server.

send test email

When all the SMTP fields have been setup, the administrator will use this button to send a test email.

Ignore Startup Warnings

When users log into the Platform, if this option is not selected, the user will receive certain warnings if applicable. Warnings may be displayed if the email system configuration has not been completed.