Nodes Tab

The Nodes Tab is used by the administrator to see the status and manage options for each Server Node in the Platform Network.

nodes tab

Servers Grid

This Grid shows all of the Platform Nodes that are connected in the network. Servers listed in this grid are online and properly communicating in the network.

servers grid

Servers Grid Columns

Server Name – The Computer Name of the Windows Server

IP Address – The Fixed IPv4 Address of the Server

Team Viewer ID – If enabled, the remote TeamViewer ID number that can be provide to the ProMAX technical support team for remote login.

Platform Version – This is the revision number of the Platform Software installed on the node.

Servers Grid Right-Click Options

Administrators that right-click on a server have the following options:

Start / Stop TeamViewer – This allows the administrator to start or start the team viewer remote connection program on the Platform node. This program is used by the ProMAX Customer Service team to connect to the server and resolve reported issues.

enter password

Reboot Server – After selecting this option, the system will require the entry of the System Admin password. After entry the system will display a warning insuring that the administrator really wishes to reboot the server. If confirmed, the system will issue the command to restart this node in the Platform Network. All users will then be disconnected from the system without warning. The administrator should ensure that users are logged off of the system before proceeding with this option.

Shutdown Server – Similar to the ‘Reboot Server’ option above, this option will require the administrator to enter the Admin password. If confirmed, the selected Platform Server Node will be shutdown. In order to start the server again, the administrator must have physical access to the Platform Server to press the power button. When a Shutdown request has started, all users will be disconnected from the system without warning. The administrator should ensure that users are logged off of the system before proceeding with this option.

Edit Server – This option is used to change the Server IP address or Server Name.

edit server

This option should be used with caution and generally under the supervision of the ProMAX technical support team.

Remove – When selected, the system will remove this node from the Platform Network infrastructure. Normally only used for sub-nodes, this option is valuable when taking a node offline.

Add Server

add server button

The Add Server Button is used when an administrator is adding a new Platform Node to the Platform Server Network. Sub-Nodes must be licensed and configured from ProMAX before they are added into the network.

add server

The Add Server screen requires a fixed IP address and a server name. Note that the Server Name must be the Exact server name in the Windows Server Computer Name on the Computer Properties Screen, and must match both upper and lower-case letters.

domain and workgroup settings

After the server is added in can take up to 3-5 minutes before the server will move from the ‘Offline Servers Grid’ to the Online Servers Grid.

Offline Servers Grid

offline server

The Offline Servers Grid should normally have no entries in it. If it does, it indicates that a Platform Node is not communicating with the Platform Network. This could be caused by the

Platform Update

check for update

This section allows the administrator to check for updates to the Platform Software and update the server software. After clicking on the button, the system will contact the ProMAX Platform cloud licensing server and check to see if an update is available. Some possible responses include:

ProCARE out of Date – ProMAX requires a valid up to date ProCare agreement to obtain updates to the Platform Software. If you receive the message below, please contact ProMAX Systems to update your ProCARE agreement. All servers in the node structure must be on a maintenance agreement in order to update the servers to the new release.

error checking for update

Update Available – When a software update is available the system will display the latest version to the right of the ‘Platform Update’ button and an URL below it ‘Click here to install update’.

update available

Considerations before installing a Platform Software Update:

1) Make sure you back up the Platform Catalog Database (see Catalog Maintenance).

2) Log out all users – All Platform Users should be logged out of the Platform Browser and Panels Interfaces.

3) Listener Software – Be aware that some versions of Platform Software can require the reinstallation of the Platform Listener software to be reinstalled. This can also require a reboot of these workstations. Please consider this before installing the update.

When the Administrator clicks on the Click here to install update, the Platform will require the entry of the system administrator password.

enter password

After the password is entered, the Platform will communicate with the ProMAX cloud services and begin to download and install the new release on all Platform Nodes in the infrastructure.