Metadata Tab

The Metadata Configuration Tab sets options for system wide metadata management. All options listed here affect all Platform nodes in the Platform network.

Available XMP Schema’s

available XMP schema

Platform’s Metadata management is based on the XMP metadata design. Within this design, the administrator has the option of adding certain metadata schemas into the system. When added, the metadata fields for the schemas appear in the search result

screen. By default, only the Platform metadata schema is enabled.

After enabling other XMP schemas, the administrator must re-index Platform Spaces in order for metadata to be collected and indexed using those schemas.

reindex metadata

XMP File Extensions

XMP file extension

As described in the Asset Management Overview, Platform stores metadata both in the Platform Catalog and in individual files. In order for Platform to determine if it should apply metadata to files, the must be listed in the XMP file extension list.

This list is used by the system to determine if it should attempt to apply metadata to a file.

If the administrator wishes to track metadata on any file, that file must be added to the XMP file list. Although not all files can have metadata, any file can be added to this list and metadata will be tracked in the Platform Catalog for that file.

As an example, if an administrator wishes to add metadata to a Premiere Project File, they would add the suffix ‘prproj’ to this list. After doing so, they will be able to store metadata for these project files. Metadata will then be stored in the Platform Catalog for these files but not in the file itself because ‘prproj’ files cannot accept XMP metadata.

Custom Metadata

custom metadata

In order to add custom metadata to files within the Platform System, the administrator must first define the metadata fields.

This section allows the administrator to add or update metadata fields that are used by all users in the system.

Apply Metadata to Files?

This checkbox determines if metadata updates will be attempted on files or just in the Platform Catalog. If checked, the system will write metadata to any XMP file (see XMP File Extensions above) defined. If the option is not checked, the system will only add metadata to files in the Platform Catalog. The option exists for organizations that wish to not update video files with metadata.

Custom Metadata Fields

Platform’s Asset Management System allows administrators to define Custom Metadata fields that can be used to tag and categorize assets stored on disk or on tape. This section is used to define the names and types of these metadata fields.

custom metadata fields

Apply Metadata to Files?

By default, when this checkbox is selected, the system will automatically attempt to apply metadata to any file listed in the XMP file extension list. If this checkbox is not selected, the system will only store the metadata requests to the Platform Catalog.

Add Custom Metadata Fields

This section is used by the administrator to add the names and types of custom metadata fields. Currently, after field name is added, the system will remove any spaces in the name. The administrator has the ability to choose between the following field types:

Alpha Numeric: Any keyboard data can be stored in this field. The field can contain hundreds of characters.

Fixed Value. Used to create a list of choices that will be available to operators entering metadata. When this option is chosen, operators will only be able to select one of the values entered here. There is no limit to the number of values entered.

Whole Number. This field type accepts only numbers without decimals.

Date Time. Used to enter date/time values.


If selected, the Mandatory checkbox requires this field to have a value when metadata is entered for the asset. If the operator attempts to skip the value, an error will be displayed and they will not be able to save the record.

Remove Attribute

The Remove Attribute button allows the administrator to metadata field stored in the Platform Catalog. If removed, data within the assets is not affected. Removing a metadata field here only removes the ability to add metadata to new files in the system.