Logging into Platform

Getting Connected to Platform

When a user workstation needs to connect to a Platform System, they will open a Google Chrome® or Apple Safari® browser and type in the address of the Platform.

Connecting via Platform System Name

connecting via Platform System Name

The Platform system uses Apple Bonjour® to translate the system name to the IP address of the Platform System. In this example, ‘Platform1.local’ is the server name. A couple of notes if the user is going to use this approach. First you must use http:// in front of the system name. And second, the user must type use the suffix of .local at the end.

Connecting via IP Address

Connecting via IP address

The other approach is to connect to the Platform directly with the IP address of the system. If you know the IP address this method will force your system to connect on that IP.

Installing the Platform Listener

installing the platform listener

The Platform Listener program must be running in order to login to the Platform system and use the capabilities of the system. If the listener program is not installed or not running the browser will display the screen shown to the left. See the Platform Getting Started Guide for specific instructions on installing the Platform Listener.

During the Platform System installation, the program will also optimize the workstation and NIC (Network Interface Card) settings f-or video streaming.

This installation menu also allows the administrator to install the Avid Collaboration add in and the Platform Adobe Panels capabilities. In order to use these features, these add in options must be installed.

Listener Menu Options

listener menu options


Clicking on this like will redirect the browser to the ProMAX Support Website. The user will then Login with the ProMAX support username and password and will see a revision list of all new updates and enhancements to the Platform System. As long the Platform System is under a support contract, these new updates will be available to the organization. See Upgrading the Platform Software section for more details.


This will describe details about the version of the Platform Listener the workstation has installed.


This option will cause the Platform Listener program to exit. If a browser window is open using the Platform software, the next request performed on the browser will cause the browser to redirect to the download/install listener screen.

Connection Errors

initialization errors

If a user receives the following message upon attempting to connect to the Platform System, you will need to perform the following steps to resolve the issue:

Date / Time

Check the date and time of the workstation and compare it against the date and time of the Platform Server. The administrator may need to login to the Platform Server on the server console to check the date/time of the server. These dates/times must match within the minute or the system will not allow the user to login.

Client Listener Version Problem

Make sure that the version of the Platform Listener is the same as the version on the Platform. If it is not, you can type in http://Platform1.local/download (you may also use the IP address and the /download) to get to the download screen.

IP Address not added

In this case, the IP address used to connect to the Platform is a valid IP address (meaning the Platform is communicating on it), however, it has not been added to the valid list of connections that the Platform can communicate on. You will need to login to the Platform either on another workstation that has access or on the server console (this is the monitor/keyboard connected directly to the server) to add the connection into the system. See the Connections screen for more information.

IP Address not added

It is also possible to receive this dialog box when attempting to connect to the Platform. In this case, the system could also be indicating that the IP being used has not been added to the connections screen located in the Administration (configuration screens).

Additionally, if the NIC configuration on the workstation has changed after the listener program has started, the operator must stop and restart the listener program in order for those changes to be recognized. This includes any changes to NIC Addresses or if an external VPN is connected.

Installing Avid Collaboration

In order to use the Avid Collaboration function (Avid Media Composer® Bin Locking), the Avid Collaboration function must be installed one each workstation. By clicking in the downloads page on the appropriate Avid Collaboration button, the user can install this feature.

Installing avid collaboration

Installing Adobe Panels

In order to use the Platform Interface within Adobe Premiere Pro, the Adobe Panel function must be installed one each workstation. By clicking in the downloads page on the appropriate Adobe Panel button (Mac or Windows), the user can install this feature.

Installing avid collaboration

The Login Screen

When your Platform Listener has successfully connected to the Server, you will see a Login screen.

login screen

Both the Username and Password fields are required. The operator has the option of clicking on the ‘Remember Username’ checkbox which upon subsequent logins will fill in the Username field automatically.

The grey wheel in the upper right-hand corner of the login screen can be used to see the IP that the system is attempting to connect on.

IP Address not added

After clicking on this wheel, the user has the option of changing this address. This however is not normally required.

Common Login Errors

Bad Password

bad password

When a user has typed in the wrong password into the system, they will receive this error. Remember that passwords are case-sensitive and always remember to check the caps-lock key to insure it is not accidently on.

Upgrade Needed

upgrade needed

If the version of the Platform Listener installed on the workstation does not match what is currently installed on the server, the user will receive this message. After pressing the ‘Okay’ button, the system will bring the user back to the download screen to update the Platform Listener program.

The Admin User

When a Platform System is installed, during the installation process, an administration username and password is selected and installed into the Active Directory. (See Active Directory for more information). This root username is the most powerful user in the system and has no restrictions on permissions or activities across the entire Platform Architecture.

When the Administration user name is installed from the ProMAX Manufacturing Facility, its default is:

Username: Admin
Password: Promax123 (password is case sensitive)

This password must only be changed during installation or with the assistance of the ProMAX Support team. If the password is changed in windows, the Platform Services will stop operating. See contacting support at the end of this document.