Inserting a Tape

When an operator inserts a tape into a tape drive (manually or through a library drive), the Platform will attempt to read the tape. If it is not a tape format that Platform recognizes, the Format will be displayed as ‘Not Recognized’. If Platform cannot read a particular tape, the only option available to the operator will be to format the tape.

If the tape is in a format the Platform can read (ProMAX Tar or LTFS), the system will then check to see if the tape has already been in the database. Platform requires that any tape inserted into a tape drive must have its table of contents (TOC) imported into the Platform Database. This is called an import or syncing process.

If the administrator has enabled automatic importing of tapes upon insert (see system configuration tape tab), when a tape is inserted, the system will attempt to automatically import or synchronize the table of contents. If this option is not turned on, then the Error Status will show that the operator must Sync the Tape before it can be used.