General Tab

The Administration screens allow the system administrator to configure system wide options on how the Platform environment will operate and an individual user to configure how the system will operator for that particular logged in user.

The Administration or Configuration Screens are accessed by clicking on the gear wheel in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Most options listed below are exclusively set up for operators that have been given ‘Admin’ Feature Permission Access to the Administration screens. In the following descriptions, this manual will show the options available when logged in as an administrator and as a user.

General Tab

The general tab provides options that affect the entire Platform environment which is configured by the system administrator.

general tab

Catalog Maintenance

This option allows the administrator to perform database catalog back up and maintenance. The maintenance operation consists of rebuilding search indexes. The user will first select the Platform Space that will be used for backups.

catalog maintenance
catalog maintenance 2

After selecting the space and clicking on the ‘Go’ button, the system will bring up a scheduling window allowing the backup to be run one time or a recurring schedule.

If the operator selects Immediately, the job will be submitted to the task service then. If they choose Scheduled Time, they then have the following options:

catalog maintenance 3

In the example to the left, the operator will configure the maintenance to run each night at 7:00 PM. When the maintenance job starts, it will first backup the catalog and then perform database maintenance. It is highly recommended that Catalog Maintenance be performed during low user activity periods.

Turn On Web Service Logging

turn on web service logging

This button is should only be enabled when working with the ProMAX Customer Service team when diagnosing problems. This feature enables detailed logs to be written to the c:\Program Data\ProMAX directory and can fill up the Operating System drive if left on too long.

After clicking the button, the system will require the administrator to enter the ‘Admin’ password. This is the password that was used to set up the Admin user (or administrator user when joining another domain) on the Platform.

please enter password

When an administrator enables this feature, each user logged into the Platform will show the following banner at the top of their browser:

web service loggging

This is designed to ensure that the administrator does not leave the web service logging running when it is not necessary.

Reset Cache

reset cache

Platform utilizes a sophisticated caching algorithm to keep core information like Platform Space’s in memory and synced to the browser for improved performance. During a caching cycle, key information on the Platform Space’s screen, like space used may be out of date. The Reset Cache button allows the administrator to force a cache sync. This option is generally unnecessary and will not be used under normal operating conditions.

Shrink Database

shrink database file

This option allows the system administrator to reduce the file of the Platform Catalog file. This option should only be used under the supervision and direction of the ProMAX Platform customer service team and requires a special password. Shrinking a database (or catalog) file can reduce amount of space used on disk, however, it can also have a negative impact on system performance.

AD is Read Only (Active Directory)

AD is read only

This option is set upon initial system configuration. When a Platform System is set to join a company’s existing active directory domain, the domain administrator may only want the Platform to read from that AD. When this option is checked, certain functions such as Add New User, Create New Group, etc. will not be available in the Platform interface. When selected this option forces the Platform from only reading from the Active Directory and will not make any updates to the AD.

RAID Controller Login

raid controller login

This feature allows the system administrator to change the RAID controller default login information. The default login for the Platform RAID controller is ‘admin’ and the password is ‘0000’. If the administrator changes the login or password, they must do so in the separate RAID controller software first and then make the change to the configuration screen.

Database Connection

database connection

The database connection option sets the external connection screen for the database catalog. This feature allows the system administrator to use a different SQL server instance than the one provided by the Platform System by default.

Platform Services

platform services

Platform utilizes a service task called the ‘Task Service’ that manages and schedules jobs to run on the Platform Server. For each Platform Node on the network, the system will display the Server Name and the Task service status.

The Task Service Status should normally be in a ‘Running’ condition. If it is not running for some reason, the administrator can right-click on the link and select ‘Restart Services’.

task service