CPU Resources Tab

The CPU Resources Tab is used to manage the available CPU resources on each Platform Node so that the optimal work can be done for a particular user environment.

CPU resources tab

Platform Node Name

The first field is a dropdown list of Platform Nodes on the network. The administrator will select the Node they wish to make changes to.

platform node name

Once the Node name is chosen the system will list the total number of CPU cores for that Platform Node. A core is a section of the CPU that allows a thread to operate within. The Platform system can run one function or task in each core at the same time.

platform node name 2

In the example to the left, the system has 4 cores. The administrator has allocated 2 cores to Episode Transcoding, 2 cores to RED ‘r3d’ Transcoding, and 3 cores to Web Services. Note that it is normal to ‘over allocate’ cores because the system will perform many tasks in each core, just not at the exact same time.

Function. This is a function name defined by the Platform System. This is a fixed name and cannot be changed. However, each function can be used for any process the administrator wishes. For instance, the administrator could use the AE Rendering Function and assign a different Windows® process name to it.

Total Cores to Allocate. This drop down allows you select the total number of CPU cores to allocate to this function. Note that each function can allocate up to a maximum of 80% of the total cores on the Platform node. Also, the same cores can be allocated to different functions by design.

Process Name. The process name is the Windows® process executable file name that will run in the Windows® operating system.