CPU Performance

The Platform Performance screen is used by system administrators to monitor resource usage and diagnose issues with the Platform System. Performance is broken down in the multiple sections described below.

CPU Performance

CPU performance measures the usage of the Central Processing Unit on each Platform node. The screen will display one line for each Platform Server in the network. By clicking on one of the nodes, the screen will show details about the CPU usage for that server. By default, performance information is refreshed every second, however, this can be changed in the Configuration screens under performance refresh rate.

CPU performance

For the line selected, the Pie chard shown on the left, shows the total CPU resources used and available for the entire node. For Platforms with multiple CPU’s the system will aggregate all CPU resources into the one Pie chart.

Each CPU or (NUMA Node) contains a number of cores. Each core can run programs or processes. The chart to the right shows the individual cores for the CPU’s and their current activity.