Connections Performance

connections performance

The connections tab shows data flowing through the NIC ports during the last performance sample. Each Network Interface Port, or Connection, is listed in the Connections grid. (See Connections Types for more information).

The Connections grid has the following information:

Server – This is the name of the Platform Server Node in the Platform Network.

Connection – The name of the connection.

Speed – Represents that base connection speed between the server and the device it is connected to. Both sides of the connection limit the speed, whichever is slower. Therefore, if a 10GbE (10 Gigabit) server port is connected to a 1GbE (1 Gigabit) workstation, the speed will show up as 1GbE.

IP – This is the IP (internet protocol) address of the connection.

MAX MB/Sec - If an administrator has placed a bandwidth throttle on this connection, that throttle restriction will be listed. Bandwidth throttling per connection is set in the network connections screen.

Current MB/Sec – The total megabytes per second (read and write) being used on this connection during the sample period.

% Utilization – Presented as a guideline to understand relative bandwidth, the % utilization shows the % utilization of each NIC connection. Because of the design of Platform’s IP tuning, the utilization percentage can go over 100%.

By default, the connections performance tab will refresh information once per second. This is defined in the system configuration screens under Performance Refresh Rate.

Multi-Node Configurations

Platform can utilize SMB 3.1 protocol to transfer data from one server to another. Because of this, in Multi-node configurations, Platform will use all NIC ports connected between servers to transfer data. This is especially true when using Platform’s built in data management tools.