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Connection Types

Workstations can connect to the Platform system either through direct, connection, through a switch or in a hybrid approach.

Direct Connection

Direct connection

Figure 1 Direct Connection

Workstations connecting directly will be connected via an Ethernet Fiber or Cooper connection from their system to a unique port on the back of the Platform System. In this configuration, each workstation will receive or be assigned a unique IP (Internet Protocol) address to the server. By default, IP addresses from a Platform System fall into the range 10.10.X.Y although they can be changed upon installation of the server. As a general statement, direct connections to the Platform System can be faster with less latency than switch connections.

Switch Connected

In a switch connected environment, users will be connected to a dedicated, fast, low-latency Ethernet switch that is also connected to the Platform. In this set up, there can be multiple high-bandwidth ports like 10GbE or 40GbE, connected from the switch to the Platform system. Because of this connection type, users will share a common IP route to the Platform System which is defined when the switch is installed.

Switch connected systems are also the way the Platform system can expand to multi-node environments.

switch connected

Figure 2 Switch Connected

Hybrid Connections

Hybrid environments are set up when users have a direct connection to the Platform, typically on a faster 10GbE or 1GbE connection and are also connected to a corporate switch. That switch typically has access to other corporate resources such as other servers and/or the internet. The hybrid approach insures a low-latency dedicated connection for the video intensive user with an additional connection for internet or corporate browsing.

hybrid connections

Figure 3 Hybrid Connections

Hybrid environments work well for dedicated smaller groups but do not allow the Platform System to expand to multiple nodes.

Quick Connect

In any case where the user workstation is directly connected to the server, the Platform can issue an IP address directly to the workstation through DHCP. This quick connect feature will activate as soon as the Platform system sees a new physical connection made to one of the Ethernet ports on the system.