Archive Window

The Archive can be initiated from a Platform Space or from the Search Results Screen and is used to move data from the disk storage system to an LTO tape. The goal of the archive option is to safely remove data from the shared storage system onto tape.

Once the archive command has been initiated, the system will bring up an Archive window and the operator will choose the archive options:

archive to tape

Source to Archive – This header in the window shows either the Platform Space or a list of files to Archive. When showing the files, the system will only show the beginning list of files. Not all files will be listed.

Selected File Size – The total space of the files/folders selected will be listed. This is the amount of space that will be copied to the tape.

Tape Drive – Selecting the tape drive allows the user to choose which tape drive the backup will use. The tape drive can be a standalone drive or an automation drive in a tape library. After selecting the tape drive, the system will display information about the current tape including the approximate space available.

File Verification (MD5 Checksum). See the explanation of MD5 Checksum above.

Generate Proxies before Starting Archive – This option will cause the system to submit a transcode request for each video file that is missing a proxy in the source archive list. Only proxies that are not already generated will be created for this option.

Priority – The Priority field allows the operator to determine the task queue priority of the job. If tasks are queued in the task system, the will be run in priority order. By default, tasks go in as medium priority. This allows the operator to schedule a job with high priority which will run before any medium tasks in the queue.

Schedule – The task scheduling options allow the operator to have the task start immediately or at a future time. The system will also allow the backup to be run on a recurring schedule. See Task Scheduling Options in the Task section for more details.

After clicking on the Okay button, the system will submit the archive job to the task system and it will start when the selected tape drive is available.