How do I setup a sync relationship between mediahubs/servers?

Both server and Mediahub must be running at least Platform v5.7.1.6. Units must have an outside internet connection on both.

1. Log into both the Server and Mediahub's Windows Operating System.

2. Ensure that the Remote Sync is installed on the Server as this is manually deployed.  Please see article here to do so.

3. Have both Remote sync windows open on both units.

mediahub sync

4. Navigate to the Actions-->Advanced and copy the Device ID of each unit.  Take note of each one as they are unique to each device.


5. Copy the Main Server's Device ID.

6. On the Mediahub, click on the 'Add Remote Device' and Paste the Device IP and give that Device a name.  Something like Main Platform Server may help differentiate.  Example below is our Sales Demo.

7. Click on the Sharing tab and Allow Introducer but do not allow Auto-Accept.

8. Give the units about 1-2 minutes.  If there are no prompts appearing, you may restart their services to initialize.

9. The main server should prompt to add device.  Click 'Add Device'.

10. The Device ID should now be populated.  The Device Name will be named if the server has one already but it can be renamed to anything like 'Mediahub01' or something similar to keep track.  Click 'Save' when ready.

11. On the main server to share out a folder, click on 'Add Folder'.